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Thread: Associate a Layerstate to a Viewport

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    Default Associate a Layerstate to a Viewport

    Summary: The ability to associate a layer state to a viewport.

    Description: Associate Layer State to Viewport

    How Used: Set a Viewport to a layer state, so that if the Layer State changes in the future all the Viewport's (associated with this layer state) layersettings are automatically updated.

    This will allow for modifying multiple viewport's settings in one instruction. If you then make a specific change to only one Viewport, the Layer State association can be broken, or preferably the user should be asked if association to be broken or this change to be an override only (still keeping the rest of the association).

    Feature Affinity: Layer

    Submitted By: Irné Barnard on February 21, 2008

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    Default Re: Associate a Layerstate to a Viewport

    Attn. acadwishlist:

    I have been have a similar issue and would like to find a solution so that I don;t have to open a number of drawings/viewport and save the same layer states for each drawing.


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