We are transitioning from AutoCAD 2006-2008 to Revit. So we go back and fourth between the two programs quite a bit.

Recently I ran into a situation where we exported some elevations containing some notes and text from Revit into a .dwg file. We then copied the drawing into an existing elevation drawing containing some autocad drafted elevations. When this happened all of the extisting text styles containing ARCHD.shx in the AutoCAD file were swapped to simplex. The text properties and text style properties showed that ARCHD was the current font but the screen showed the text as simplex.

In addition when we opened up a new autocad template file the ARCHD showed up as Simplex there too. Without importing any Revit derived information.

After shutting down AutoCAD and opening it up again we can get the Fonts to work correctly in our template files but as soon as we copy the drawings from Revit again the problem starts all over.

We finally went into options and removed simplex.shx from the Alternate Font FIle search path. This seems to have fixed the problem. Copying the Revit information no longer overrides the ARCHD.shx font.

I was wondering if anybody had run into this problem before or could shed some light on this situation.