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Thread: Slope piping system problem

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    Default Slope piping system problem

    Good Morning all,
    I have overcome a great problem concerning sloped piping system in MEP. As presented on Image_01 there is main branch of SVP up to which number of another sloped pipes are attached. All of them are sloping at the ratio of 1:10. If I start editing the main branch of the created system (nudge it it to the left or to the right) all the other pipes that are attached to it do not update as presented on Image_02.

    The only way I managed to solve this was to later update every single branch manually what means that with every change done to the main branch modelling of each sub-branch must be done, what seems to be an endless process.

    Is there any solution to this situation or unfortunately Revit MEP is yet still not capable of handling such a complex task (number of slopes, levels, pipe lengths etc)?
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    Default Re: Slope piping system problem

    I'm not sure why your connected piping is not updating according to the changes in the main branch. I've asked our Quality Assurance team to follow up on this item.

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    Default Re: Slope piping system problem


    I am a member of the Revit MEP QA group. I have not been able to reproduce your issue. Could you provide me with a list of exact steps and a copy of your dataset? You can contact me at


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