We have a campus with 5 models and 8 buildings. We have added a Shared Parameter for Occupancy Load Factor, a Calculated Value for Occupancy Load Calculation, then another Shared Parameter for Occupancy Load. With some nifty sorting and non-itemizing you can ensure manually that Occupancy Load Factor matches up with Occupancy right, and then again that Occupancy Load matches up with Occupancy Load Calculation. All to get the number of bodies in a room to show up in a FLS Room tag. And all that works dandy.
Now I have a consultant who wants a spreadsheet with all this information, and I also have a Project Coordination model with all other models linked in, for doing whole campus schedules and views. I figured no problem, Occupancy Load is a shared parameter, so I should be able to make a Schedule that includes Linked Files and have no problem. But I seem unable to get either Occupant Load or Occupant Load Factor to show up in the linking Schedule. Funny thing is we also have a shared parameter for User Group, and that comes thru the link just find. So I wonder, is the problem that only Shared Parameters that are also text will work via linked files? Or is there perhaps something else I am doing wrong? FWIW this is RAC 2008, as our 2009 rollout is waiting for SP1. I can always export 5 different schedules to Excel, but one would have been so much more graceful. That, and if this doesn't work in RAC 2009 I think it needs to be reported as a bug. Hopefully the bug is in my process instead.