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Thread: Separate 3D Composite Solids

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    Default Separate 3D Composite Solids

    Summary: The ability to separate 3D composite solids created using boolean commands.

    Description: 3D composite solids created using boolean commands cannot be separated. If the primary componets touch at all, the Separate option of the SOLIDEDIT command does not work. For example, I created 2 boxes that had one face coincident, with no common volume and the separate command would not work. The only way it works is if the solids do not touch in any way, if you used the UNION command to simply 'group' the solids together.

    How Used: This started when I had created multiple parts and discovered that some had holes missing. I wanted to "explode" one and copy the holes (extruded circles, subtracted from the part) to the others and then do a subtract. There was no way to reuse the work I had already done. I had to recreate the "hole" solid.

    Related to this, we should be able to copy a sub-part from a composite solid. We can use control to select it, delete it and move it. We should be able to copy it and use it elsewhere.

    Feature Affinity: Drawing Tools 3D

    Submitted By: Ed Jobe on April 3, 2008

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    Default Re: Separate 3D Composite Solids

    You want AutoCAD to become a "feature-based" modeler, I guess.
    That will take it into Inventor/SolidWhatever territory.

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