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Thread: Bearing / Non-bearing Wall - View differences

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    Exclamation Bearing / Non-bearing Wall - View differences


    my current project is a remodel of an existing building. I've drawn the existing building in the "Existing" Phase. Then I inserted new windows in the "New Construction" Phase.

    I need to show the existing elevation and figured out that it matters a lot, whether the wall is set to be bearing or non-bearing [I am using structural truss elements for the roof, so I get the warning that I'm placing the truss on a non-bearing wall and get asked whether I want to change it to be bearing]. With the wall set to bearing, the elevation will show the outline of the windows that will be punched out of the wall [see picture]. The View Properties are set to "Existing" Phase and it doesn't seem to matter what Phase Filter I use, the outline will always show up when the wall shows up.

    Why is that?

    Does it matter if I set a wall not to be non- bearing even if it is bearing and then send that Revit model to my structural engineer? I know that elevations of existing buildings might not be very common, still I wonder if this is something to put on the wish list?

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    I don't have a specific answer for you as I have not done a phased project yet that included my structual team.

    However, since you will be sending your arch model to a revitized structural engineer it makes a big difference whether you have the wall in your model set to structural or not.

    He will have his views in his model set to structural, which will make the views appear the way he wants them to. With this setting in his model, by default any walls that are set to "non-load bearing" in your model will not show up in his model. There are ways that he can adjust VG of views and set the view to "coordination" in order to see all of your architectural walls but I am speaking of the default layouts.

    I just wanted to point this out, it was the cause of some confusion when I was first dealing with multi-discipline coordination.

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