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Thread: Setting view scale with sheet of jpgs

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    Unhappy Setting view scale with sheet of jpgs

    Hello everyone.

    We have a large project in which the client has several scanned magazine clippings to be used as reference materials. These images are jpgs, and they have been inserted onto a sheet from outside the main file. When I open up the sheet for viewing, there is no scale showing at the bottom of the screen; my question is: since I have not dragged anything onto the sheet, how can I specify a scale for the titleblock and hence the images. It will not let me right-click and activate view.

    Is there another way to do this? Thanks in advance.

    Jim H.

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    Default Re: Setting view scale with sheet of jpgs

    Import them into drafting views instead and assign a scale to them. Then place the drafting views on the sheet. The sheet will report the scale if they match and "as indicated" if they don't.


    Add a piece of text to your titleblock and use a Yes/No parameter to control the "visible" parameter of the text. Do the same for the drawing scale parameter label. Create a separate type for your titleblock and turn off the scale label and turn on the text for this new type. Turn off the text for the original type.

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