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Thread: Label Station & Offset

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    Default Label Station & Offset

    Is there a way to label points with their station and offset per an alignment and export points with station and offsets.

    In LDD, there was a "display points" routine. I'm trying to find an equivilent procedure to use in Civil3d.

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    Default Re: Label Station & Offset

    For your first request - add station and offset to point descriptions - no, there is no way in C3D to do that. You can use C3D labels and reference components to create labels like that, but not add the station/offset to the point description.

    There is not really a direct equivalent of "Display Points by Station/Offset" in C3D, but there is a Station/Offset report. We have found it very stilted and nearly impossible to use for most purposes, but it is there.

    Both of these features exist in the Sincpac-C3D, though, which is a third-party add-on to C3D. The DISPLAYPOINTS command is the best option, but only available in the retail version. The STATIONPOINTS command is also only available in the retail version.

    However, there is a STAOFF command in the Free Edition of the Sincpac-C3D that works a lot like the old LDD "Display Points by Station/Offset" command. Simply download and install the Free Edition for that. It's nowhere near as nice as the DISPLAYPOINTS command in the full edition (which also lets you edit the points by Station/Offset, among other things), but it gets the job done better than the report that comes with C3D (and it's free).

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