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Thread: Electrical Quantity Takeoff

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    Question Electrical Quantity Takeoff

    Does anybody have experience with Electrical quantity takeoff, also what components can be used for the same.....please guide !!

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    Default Re: Electrical Quantity Takeoff

    create a schedule View\New\Schedule/Quantities then select your category. you'll have to make a schedule for each category unless someone knows how to combine them all into one schedule. so make one for electrical fixtures, check Schedule building components. add fields "Count" and "Family and Type", under the sorting tab, sort by family and type and check "Grand totals" and Uncheck "Itemize every instance". this should give you a schedule with quantities of each type of electrical fixture you have in the project. make similar schedules for electrical equipment, lighting fixtures and devices, and you'll eventually have an entire project electrical takeoff. the easiest way i've found to print all of this is to create a dummy sheet (Uncheck "Appears in Drawing List") and drag all of these schedules onto it.
    hope that helps,

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