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Thread: better click-Drag Move & click-drag+Alt copy

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    Default better click-Drag Move & click-drag+Alt copy

    when you click and drag and object you are moving this object, but oppossed to the move button, click-dragging doesn't pick any snap (should pick the closest snap where you are dragging it) and it doesn't lock the object path movement in any axis (shoul lock x & y axis and show the angles if click-dragging in an angle), well, at least this things happen when done with a circle, arc or group, not with the lines and walls, they do lock to the axis, but they don't show angles when moved in diagonal click-dragging, other object, I haven't checked.

    Click-drag+Alt copy behaves pretty much the same.

    I'm wishing for this because it's more handy and faster to do the click-drag but you loose the great advantage of Revit's intelligence to be always exact.

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    Default Re: better click-Drag Move & click-drag+Alt copy

    Very true, it would be nice to have some control with click-n-drag. Been playing with click-n-drag in AutoCAD 2005, and it functions the same way: no snaps, no ortho, etc.

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