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Thread: ASD and Civil3D on the same machine?

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    Default ASD and Civil3D on the same machine?

    I have Civil3D installed on my machine, and I just installed my Revit Structure Suite, with AutoCAD Structural Detailing. However, when I try to launch it, it will load Civil3D and close without warning right after startup. When it does load, of course I'm missing all ASD toolbars because it loaded C3D instead of ACAD....

    Are there any known issues with side-by-side installs of these 2 products?

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    Default Re: ASD and Civil3D on the same machine?


    I have found issues with Civil 3D, P&ID and AutoCAD MEP when loaded onto a machine with ASD.

    What I did was I installed my ASD on a seperate drive and I always open a vanilla AutoCAD then close it before opening one of the other products, after opening ASD.

    I found installed on the same drive I got lots of errors and either toolbars would unload or I would get Automatic Shutdowns.
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