Hello everyone,

I am very good with Access and I know VB (I am not an expert but I understand the code). Here is what I am trying to do with less code as possible:

1. I want to create a button in Access that will allow me to navigate to a folder (the folder is located in a tree three or four folders down) using the folder dialog option. I do not want to use the commondialog button but would rather hard code if possible.

2. Once I locate the folder I want to click the folder and automatically import certain files that are in the folder into Access. The folder will contain files such as jpg, doc, txt, xls, xml, and gifs. I only want to import all xml files into Access.

Is there a simple and quick way to do this? I need to be able to use this in other projects as well.

Also, I want to call this procedure from a module.

Thanks to anyone who can help me with this issue.