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Thread: Curtain wall Door / window problem

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    Exclamation Curtain wall Door / window problem

    Hi guys!
    Hope you can help me !
    So .. i´m trying to create a curtain door panel ( the problem occurs with window panels too! )
    i need to make a panel that´s made of several smaller components... that have their paramenters... etc... like a sliding or pivoting panels... so... i´ve created a generic model family.. loaded them into my panel family... but i can´t constrain it ... its height never get´s the panel height, just the generic model height... but sometimes... i can manage the width of the generic model right...
    in the project as a curtain panel ... the model ( generic model inside the curtain window family ) is all over the panel...

    this happens when i try to do louvers in a curtain wall panel family either... when a load a generic model... it does attach to the reference planes of the panel, and when used in a curtain wall.. it doesn´t connect it to its edges...
    what should i do?

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    Default Re: Curtain wall Door / window problem

    You have uncovered an anomaly when creating Curtain Wall panel families for doors and windows (or other). The way I made this work (a little complicated but works very well once you practice a little) is to create a generic component I can nest into a curtain panel family. This generic model has the width and height as an instance parameter. Once the generic model is in the family, I align and lock the shape handles to the reference planes defining the width and height. I attached a project with a couple of door examples but if you cannot deconstruct these, post a little more information about your particular problem and perhaps I can walk you through the step to solve it. Once you get it, it works like a charm.

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: Curtain wall Door / window problem

    Unfortunately you cannot access the width and height parameters in curtain wall panels. The width and height parameters are built in and can only be seen in the actual project. Even if you assign parameters to width and height in the family they will not control anything within the model.

    What we (and many others) have done in order to get doors and louvers to work along with our other families is to create a separate version of our regular door and louver families that have the width and height set to instance (we also remove the frames and use the curtain wall mullions instead). Then you change the panel of the curtain wall to a wall and place the customized family in that wall.

    The only limitation of this is that you cannot stretch the door/ louver to the full extents of the panel. As long as there is at least 1 mullion around the panel it will work just fine as Revit sees the panel as extending into the mullion (even though it wont calculate the area of the material...)


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    Default Re: Curtain wall Door / window problem

    Hi, in Revit 2021 it still does not work. I mean it is possible to add shape handles to CW panel family, grips are visible after loading to the project, but trying to move them does not give any result. Does anyone have a solution/workaround for that? I'd appreciate some tips.

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    Default Re: Curtain wall Door / window problem

    So the best way to do this is to create instance (reporting) parameters for height and width in the curtain panel family, then these parameters can be linked to the parameters in the nested family. Basically if there is ever a built in parameter that you want access to you can create a reporting parameter for it and link that to other parameters including formulas.

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