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Thread: View Templates with additional options....

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    Cool View Templates with additional options....

    O.K. I am in to wishes at the end of my day...

    I would love to see the ability to have view templates allow for an override setting that would allow you to decide what settings to leave in their current state...

    This would allow you to create view templates that could update specific information that may be new information from a linked file controls for layers... but not override all the special settings that may be set for special views created throughout the project...

    I am not sure if I posted here or else ware... I was trying to figure a way to change a few items in many view throughout my model... someone suggested view templates... which I already use, but when you have tones of special set up views that have been manipulated you don't want to override these again... you just want to change to couple items...

    So this would be way cool...

    Just another big wish from my mind... Just thought I would throw it out there..
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