We have a project of several apartment (condominium) unit types within several different building block types on a site. Thus on a pure file management point of view, we have a link, within a link (attached nested links).
This should work fine in theory, but in the site project file, we are coming across some circumstances where the file is running slow. Eg, when drawing site sections, drawing the section itself can take up to 2 minutes.
The project is relatively new, so it is quite a clean file and the link files are not more than 9MB, and there is no more than 5 links in any given file. The files are also a standalone file, and accessed across a good network. I’ve reviewed the project in Revit 2008 and 2009 with no really performance change.

Does anyone else have files being greatly slowed down by having nested links, and if so, how have you set up a modular unit, multi-block, campus site project?