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Thread: trouble with custom parts.

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    Default trouble with custom parts.

    I work with fittings that i know are buildable in our shop but cad will not allow me to creat them the fitting toolbars are great but cant change some fields to make it work does any one have an answer. Example: square to round transition that offsets over and down. Example 2: transition cenrter tapered rectangle that rises or drops.........
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    Default Re: trouble with custom parts.

    Hi Kevin, and welcome to AUGI,

    AMEP has eccentric rectangular transitions built in, and you can modify the round to rectangular transition to be eccentric. I'd recommend going to this website ( ) and watching the "Adding Eccentric Round to Rectangular Transition" and "Transition Justification" videos. I think they should cover what you're looking for in an easier-to-follow fashion than I could explain on this forum.

    If for some reason you can't open the videos, or still have unanswered questions, let me know and I'll do my best to help you out.


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    Default Re: trouble with custom parts.

    excelent video's. fixed my problem of an eccentric round to rectangle transition. thanks for the post Brad

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