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Thread: PC Specifications For Revit

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    Default PC Specifications For Revit

    Can someone create a PC Specification for Revit performance please. I am definately a noob, and there are many others like me.
    If you have some good knowledge about what Revit needs, It will be much appreciated.
    At lease some Spec on Type of graphics card, Memory, Dual Core, Quad or single, AMD, Celeron or Pentium........celeron?? ok I take that back.....
    But a little help here please....

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    Default Re: PC Specifications For Revit

    I think this has already been done.

    Check out the Hardware forums.

    Here's a couple sticky threads by Wes:

    If you have more specific questions about hardware and can't find answers after some poking around, or want advice for a proposed system for Revit use, start a thread in the Hardware forum.

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