I am dealing with project standards and there are two options in the Modify Project dialog box that I am not a 100% clear, and those options are Tool Palette File Location (TPFL) and Tool Content Root Path (TCRP). When I go to the Tool Palettes Customization (TPC) dialog box, there I can see the tool palettes available for the project, which should be the tool palette files that I specified in the TPFL of the project. First of all, I had the tool palettes that comes with the software by default plus four more palettes that I specified in the TPFL of the project. Then, I changed the TPFL to another folder containing about ten different palettes, but later changed again the TPFL to the former location which has four palettes. Finally, when I go back to the TPC dialog box, it still has the same ten palettes of the other location. I was just testing, and now I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, but I am thinking that probably when I changed the TPFL, it just added the new palettes to the existing ones. In addition, I am not clear with the TCRP also. Is there somebody who can clarify this issue?