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Thread: Slow selection of entities.

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    Default Slow selection of entities.

    I am currently using full AutoCAD 2004, I work in Architecture so the use of X refs are a must. The company has recently switched to Windows XP Professional.

    Since this change, if there are X refs attached/overlayed in a model, selection of entities has become very slow and annoying, to a point where I have literally walked out of the building to calm down. In paperspace...its even slower.

    On the other hand, AutoCAD is not slow when no X refs have been attached/overlayed.

    Has anybody else encountered this problem or is there an answer through AutoCAD, or do I wait for our IT department to find a solution.

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    Default Re: Slow selection of entities.


    I honestly don't think this is the answer, but never the less take a look at the following thread -

    Delay in selecting objects in 2004


    For what it's worth have you applied Service Pack 1a to AutoCAD 2004 -

    AutoCAD® 2004 Service Pack 1a


    Have you checked your Graphic Card Driver is up to date?

    Have a good one, Mike

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    Default Re: Slow selection of entities.

    Try sending the Xrefs to the "back of the drawing". Tools > Display Order > Send to Back and pick the xrefs. After that lock the Xref layer and they won't accidently get picked and brought to the "front".

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