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Thread: AngleFromXAxis Troubles

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    Default AngleFromXAxis Troubles


    Hoping someone can shed some light on whats going on here..

    Basically, I am getting the coordinates of 2 MText objects and trying to work out the angle between the 2 points.
    This example works fine
    Sub Example_AngleFromXAxis()
        ' This example finds the angle, in radians, between the X axis
        ' and a line defined by two points.
        Dim pt1(0 To 2) As Double
        Dim pt2(0 To 2) As Double
        Dim retAngle As Double
        pt1(0) = 256833.405419725: pt1(1) = 5928142.14654379: pt1(2) = 0
        pt2(0) = 256890.630751811: pt2(1) = 5928014.31962269: pt2(2) = 0
        ' Return the angle
        retAngle = ThisDrawing.Utility.AngleFromXAxis(pt1, pt2)
        ' Create the line for a visual reference
        Dim lineObj As AcadLine
        Set lineObj = ThisDrawing.ModelSpace.AddLine(pt1, pt2)
        ' Display the angle found
        MsgBox "The angle in radians between the X axis and the line is " & retAngle, , "AngleFromXAxis Example"
    End Sub
    However, if those same coordinates are passed from another array like this:
    pt1(0) = blockLocation(0): pt1(1) = blockLocation(1): pt1(2) = 0
    pt2(0) = blockLocation(2): pt2(1) = blockLocation(3): pt2(2) = 0
    retAngle = ThisDrawing.Utility.AngleFromXAxis(pt1, pt2)
    It doesn't work... it gives the error "Invalid argument StartPoint in AngleFromXAxis"

    I got the code to show me the coordinates in the blockLocation() array and used those to manually set pt1() and pt2() in the first example above which works fine...

    Any ideas why it doesn't work when passing the same numbers from the blockLocation() array?


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    Default Re: AngleFromXAxis Troubles

    You need to show us the code that shows how the array is getting assigned.
    C:> ED WORKING....

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