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Thread: exterior rendering with interior lights on

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    Default exterior rendering with interior lights on

    i'm getting great results rendering the the exterior of my model when i render with just the sun but if i render with sun and interior lights i don't see any of the interior light coming from inside the building.

    i've checked that the lights are 'on' and all have a dimming value of 1

    the scheme is set to 'exterior: sun and artificial'

    i've read that you do not use the daylight portals for exterior shots. i did not turn them in previous renderings but just for kicks i tried it and it said '0 portals' so i guess that's not it.

    i'm using a bunch of recessed can fixtures from the new family library with 2009. i've got two rooms filled with the cans and i'm not getting anything light from them.

    any ideas?

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    Default Re: exterior rendering with interior lights on

    Try adjusting the exposure after the render is complete. Sun and artificial is a hard rendering to nail down. Another option might be to render with artificial only and then export to TIF or PNG. This will place the sky in an alpha channel and will not be seen when exported. Then place a "dusk" sky in the background using an image editor or import both images (dusk sky and exported render) back inot Revit to combine them.
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    Default Re: exterior rendering with interior lights on

    What Jeff said. Also, ive found that when doing outside renders where i also want the lights on, i need to jack up the light intensity like crazy. Thats probably becuase of what Jeff said (that instead i should be adjusting my exposure like crazy), but i couldnt get it to read correctly... So i incorrectly jacked the light intensity up in the recessed can fixture (same one, out of the 2009 library) and it started to read the way i wanted too...

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    Default Re: exterior rendering with interior lights on

    You might want to check to be sure that your lights are cutting your ceiling, slab or both. I once had recessed cans that were cutting the ceiling, but not a slab above it.

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