It might look to much for one time, but it would be nice if someone would give me respond to my questions. Generally I would like to know:
1. Is there any modelling software (for hydraulic calculations) which can be used and provides necessary data for further designing of water supply and sewage water pipelines in Civil 3D;
2. If yes, is an automatic exchange of the data between the calculations and drawings possible?
3. If there is no such software, what is the solution for combining calculations and 3D drawings in order to get reliable results and to avoid discrepancies and mistakes between the calculations and 3D drawings?
4. Does Civil 3D provide some data basis or libraries with the fittings and valves, that after adapt connection could be displayed in 3D view?
5. If not, is it possible to create an own library and how complex it is – is any additional software required or can it be done in Civil 3D?
6. Is it possible to make automatic counting of different elements shown in 3D (e.g. using excel) in order to get reliable data for preparing bill of quantities?
NOTE: based on blocks in 2D we make automatic counting of all the elements we need using excel, i.e. lengths of pipes of different diameters according to the depths., fittings, valves and all other elements which are required for preparation of bill of quantities
7. Is it possible to load / import geological assembling (from 3 D) according to the ground material type and features into 3D?