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    Cool Template

    This Civil 3D 2009 Template is NCS based, we hope you find it helpful.

    Feel free to check our site for updated versions, as well as some other free templates, styles and other Civil 3D stuff in the future!
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    Talking Re: Template

    Checked out your site and signed your guest book. It's a great concept that you’ve done for profit. I think it will do better in the small business market. I also think you may take some jobs from some user, but that's what business is all about...making money! Nice job, hope it improves and becomes useful to people. You speak a lot of truth in the facts of users and training with this topic.

    I’ll try the template that you provided and get back to you when I’ve looked at it so you have some feedback. I’m in an Environmental Engineering Department that is just implementing the Autodesk Civil 3D software. I need something that’s going to be good for those types of jobs. I’m starting from scratch so every little bite helps.

    God Speed to All....

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