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Thread: Dynamic cross section templates

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    Default Dynamic cross section templates

    Is it necessary to number transition regions on a template in order going out from the center of the road?

    I am working on a project where I had the cross sections done, but now I need to add a 2' @ 4% bench behind the curb and flat bottom ditch between the curb and sidewalk in a few areas.

    The first thing I tried, was to view/edit cross sections and attempted to make the change in edit - control ditches and benches. This didn't work, because it is applied to the match line which is past the sidewalk. Did I do something wrong? Would it have worked if the walk was a subassembly?

    The next thing I did was to create another template with the bench and ditch built in. The transition regions (vertical and horizontal) which I created were numbered higher than the outer transition regions (vertical and horizontal) for the sidewalk. Apparently LDD doesn't like this, because when I view/edit, the cross sections which have this template are all messed up. Am I going to have to go in and edit all my templates and change the transition regions so that I can add this transition region with a lower number?

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    Default Re: Dynamic cross section templates

    You will have more fun IF you do define your transitions in order.
    The concept being that you plan the template before you apply it.
    And trying to add this additional control through view edit sections
    defies the concept of "Typical Section" or section template, yes
    there is some room for adjustment within that function only it
    should be the exception not the rule.

    Or leave your template alone, and model these benches and ditches with grading objects
    and merge the results with your finish ground model.

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    Default Re: Dynamic cross section templates

    I typically number my transitions from centerline out. However, I too, have had to go back and add transitions that I did not initially plan for. I have not had any problems when the transitioning numbering was not in order.

    You might want to go back and redefine the the new transition points and verify the you picked the correct side (left or right) and defined them as dynamic and free. (Dynamic and free transitions allow for the greatest flexibility when attaching alignments.)
    Jeff Paulsen

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