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Thread: Who's using Buzzsaw?

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    Talking Re: Who's using Buzzsaw?

    Quote Originally Posted by acad
    When Buzzsaw was first being introduced and tested, I was one of the premier members. In those days membership was free. When they later started to charge for the service, I was able to maintain my free membership for several years since I was classified as premier or whatever they labeled us at the time for being "the special first".

    I've always stayed loyal to this product and watched how its continued to mature.

    I know most everyone sees ads everywhere to try Buzzsaw. Have you tried it? Are you using it? What do you think?

    What methods are you using for drawing collaboration? After all, email isn't a viable option anymore. Step right up and tell us your story.
    our construction department has been using it for... I want to say about 2 years. not sure. I was happy with it for my part, but, for whatever reason, they decided to switch to something else (although we're still keeping the buzzsaw site until the last couple projects on it get closed out).
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    Default Re: Who's using Buzzsaw?

    Quote Originally Posted by rtorres
    My company "flip-flops" between FTP & Buzzsaw.
    Depends whether or not the client will pay the costs.

    To be quite honest "Buzzsaw" is really just a FTP site with HUGE controling features of who gets to see which file & which folder.

    But if that's case then why pay for it when you can just setup multiples FTP sites for little cost. Each site can have it's own password and user name for EACH project.
    I mean if you're all on the same project then why hide specific files & folders.
    There is the honor systems.

    Anyway .. that's my 2 cents.
    i agree, it is a ftp site on steroids, it has features that are not easily done with a regular low cost ftp site.
    it would be nice to have an "honor system", not always the case with consultants...when we are dealing with huge $$$ projects, finger pointing happens to often, buzzsaw has been worth the cost, not have a finger pointed at you (again placing accountability back on each party involved).
    both methods are appropriate for different situation and companies.
    this is great that we have a forum on this subject, it is good to have multiple points of views and methods of handling projects on line. it makes us all smarter and more informed.
    that's what the augi forms are here for. thanks all.

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    Default Re: Who's using Buzzsaw?

    Question, if you're using Buzzsaw, who pays for it? Does everyone have to be a subscriber? Does the contractor pay? Do you bill the client? Are all you sub-contractors and consultants on board?

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    Thumbs up Re: Who's using Buzzsaw?

    Buzzsaw hosted by ur firm since January 2004:
    Only my firm is paying for it. Anyother accounts are free.
    Buzzsaw goes by increment of 50 users at a time and storage.
    We have 100 accounts max and 20GB storage (I cannot share with you the amount we pay - you need to negotiate with BCS teamit it's a SaaS product dierectly from Autodesk (Your reseller has nothing to do with it) .
    Long time ago our CFO wanted to bill back to our clients, and when we break down the price by ratio of storage taken by projects the largest project on buzzsaw would be a back fee of $2,500 to this client and that was ridiculous to ask at this time (2005) a back fee; considering the large amount we already get (in fees).
    We have an average og 100-150 projects on Buzzsaw, these days with a slower market we have 80 firms connected (included us) with 75 projects for 50% occupancy in storage (10 GB)- We found Buzzsaw very good to collaborate worldwide with anybody especially being able to markup our DWFs without the need to download them.
    Majority of our clients love being on Buzzsaw with us, paperless projects, time saver, tracking, groups, roles, dashboards etc... all these features are $$$ worth the investment.

    We have several projects with over 45 firms at a time onboard (from Owner to GC, consultants and Subs) Owner uses our Buzzsaw also for bidding purposes so we invite certain subs or several GCs or Contractors on a specific time line justto be able to download our Sheets (DWF exclusively) then we remove them.

    On hot market the maximum we got was:
    97 users/100 and 18 GB/20

    Now out there you have tools that look alike as Buzzsaw and are 3 to 4 times less expensive...

    Hope this helps,

    Quote Originally Posted by Andre Baros View Post
    Question, if you're using Buzzsaw, who pays for it? Does everyone have to be a subscriber? Does the contractor pay? Do you bill the client? Are all you sub-contractors and consultants on board?
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