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Thread: How to retrieve shared parameters in API?

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    Default How to retrieve shared parameters in API?


    Anybody can help me understand how to create Shared Paremeters in Revit and then retrieve these paramters in API?

    I have added three new shared parameters to the rooms in my Revit model. I am using RoomSchedule Sample that comes with Revit API SDK, and want to retrieve and use these three parameters in my code.
    The code uses Autodesk.Revit.Parameters, but it doesn't recognize any of the three shared parameters I have added to my Revit model. the error says:
    "Autodesk.Revit.Paramters.BuiltInParametes does not contain a definition for "..." (name of my parameter) "

    Thanks in advance for your help,


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    Default Re: How to retrieve shared parameters in API?


    Because Shared Parameters are not Built-in... you must access them a different way.

    It should be the same method:
    Element.Parameter( ... ) in VB or
    Element.get_Parameter( ... ) in C#

    But instead of passing the Builtin Parameter enum, you pass either the Name, or the Shared Parameter GUID, or the definition (which ever is handy).


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    I am using RevitAPI in my application. I am creating two Shared parameters. Then I create Exit Plan Schedule and adding these two shared paramaters to this schedule.
    Now in my C# application, I am accessing this schedule but I am not able to access these parameters using

    'Element.get_Parameter("Exit Distance")'

    where 'Exit Distance' is the name of the shared paramter added to element(which is a schedule)

    How can I access these parameters?

    Waiting for your sincere reply.

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