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Thread: View Referencing oddity

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    Default View Referencing oddity

    We like to show the view reference of where the view came from. Revit lets you add this to to view title annotation family. However its dumber than a bag of hammers. You would think it would reference the view you placed the elevation, callout or section in. But NO, it references the first instance of that floor level in your sheet order. So if you place and interior elevation on an enlarged plan in your A5 series, the view ref. will point to your overall floor plan level 1 in you A1 series. Now if you go to the elevations and hide at scales courser than you can get closer but the problem I'm having is that we have demo plans in our set at the same scale as our overall reference plans, so the view references reference the demo plans even if elevations are turned off in those plans. I can't find anyway. The only work around is to change the sheet order of the set so demo comes after proposed and that won't fly will it.
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    Default Re: View Referencing oddity


    Try this:

    Go to your plan "A1" (and any other view you don't want it to show the elevation referencing to) and just hide the elevation by using EH.
    Then remove the view "A1" from the sheet (so Revit will take the reference from the view A5, where the elevation mark is visible) and then add the view A1 to the sheet again.

    If you want to read more about it, follow the link:

    I hope it helps,

    Andre Carvalho

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