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Thread: Migrating? 2006LT

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    Default Migrating? 2006LT


    My first post...

    I have recently purchased a used computer, dell 4600, XP, sp3, and have autocad 2006 LT on it. It was a computer on a network and I have since pulled it from there, taken it home and am looking to streamline and do some housecleaning...There are seemingly redundant folders of templates, styles, named similarly, and difficult to tell what belongs where.

    Here's the trouble: Everything was working fine till I started looking under hood and moving things around...Basically, I was trying to put all the templates, tool, .ctb, pgp, etc. files in one folder, for autocad to reach out to start up. In short, LT begins to start-up, it begins to load "drawing 1", a template,... and then...nothing, though, sometimes I receive a message that stating that a certain plotter couldn't be found.

    Any help, ANY, would be great. Let me know what I can do on this end to help solve this puzzle.

    Yes, this was/is a legitimate, licensed copy of LT. My apologizes if I have posted in the wrong place. This site is pretty overwhelming.


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    Default Re: Migrating? 2006LT

    Backup the files you moved and then do a Repair (from add-remove programs) on your installation. It should replace any files that it can't find and work for you.
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    Default Re: Migrating? 2006LT

    Do you have the LT disc? You will need that to do a repair.
    If not, and, if you can get LT to get as far as a command prompt, go to Tools/Options/Files and look through and note the lists of support paths because they tell you where LT is expecting to find its various files.
    John B

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