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Thread: Renumbering Door Tags

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    Default Renumbering Door Tags

    I drew my building and placed doors without door tags. Now that I want the tags to show up im finding that the doors are not even close to being sequential on the plan. Is there a way i can reset the tag numbers? I know I can not just change the numbers if there are already doors numbered that way. Would purging the door tags and reloading them work?

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    Default Re: Renumbering Door Tags

    The door mark (or number) is a property of the door. So purging/reloading the tag isn't going to do anything. Doors are numbered in the order that they are placed, but counting continues even if you delete a door.

    For example you place doors 1 and 2, and then decide to delete door 2. Then you place another will be number 3.

    The best place to renumber doors is in a schedule, where you can sort the doors by "room to/from" number, and then you can work your way down the list renumbering them.

    There is also a door renumbering tool by Avatech available on their webiste.
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