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Thread: Integrated Project Delivery

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    Question Integrated Project Delivery

    Anyone have experience with moving toward/fully using IPD? ( Integrated Project Delivery)
    If so, how does Revit/BIM work in the process? Advice?
    Experience? Resources?

    Any thoughts/comments appreciated.

    Cliff B. Collins, Registered Architect / BIM Specialist
    St. Louis, MO

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    Default Re: Integrated Project Delivery

    This could be a long reply, but I'll try to keep it short...

    IPD is a delivery method which involves the following: (3) party agreement between Owner, Architect and Contractor to share responsibility, to get all partys involved at the project inception, to make better decisions early on, etc. You're not asking about IPD specifically, so I'll assume you have that under control. If not, there are quite a few doc's available on the topic.

    The tools you use to deliver using IPD are irrelivant . You could actually deliver a IPD project using using a drafting board, but you won't reap much benefit. Obviously the better the tools to make the the delivery method (IPD) more efficient - all the better.

    So, Revit is one tool; a "BIM authoring tool" that can make IPD sing... There are many other tools that also help when modeling is involved, like NavisWorks, Inovaya, IES, Ecotect to name a few. These can also help when delivering a project using IPD.

    We are getting close to our first "true" IPD project here at EUA. We've been using Revit for a few years now and have in the 100's of projects, so we've got the tool mastered. Now it's getting the owner & contractor involved into a new delivery method.

    Does that help?

    You can also reference my blog on BIM and IPD. I try to post things related only to BIM and IPD and not Revit specifically.

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    Default Re: Integrated Project Delivery

    Here's an Autodesk PDF on the subject of IPD and BIM, and how Autodesk products fit with the IPD process.

    PS had to ZIP it as its 1.5 megs
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    Scott D Davis
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    Autodesk, Inc.

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    Default Re: Integrated Project Delivery

    Unfortunately there are many projects/companies out there claiming to be doing "BIM" projects, however, they are simply doing 3D coordination. IPD is also experiencing the same kind of hurdles. They are both buzz words right now. I truly believe we can complete projects and honestly say they are IPD or BIM project, but truthfully, there are very few projects that are either in the true sense of their definitions.

    IPD and BIM are only realized if everyone is involved and on board with them. It all starts with the Architectural firm when they develop the plans for the project. They need to model the building in some kind of parametric modeling software (Revit or others), then pass that information along to the GC, then to the subcontractors, then to the owner. Then and only then, will true IPD/BIM exist, and even when those criteria are met, the project only scratches the surface of being a true IPD/BIM project.

    The NIBS website ( has a standards PDF you can download and on pages 75-78, it discusses what it takes to be a true BIM project.

    Tony is right, Revit is just a tool to get you there, it is more based on how you do your work and what information/data you transfer to the rest of the team that defines whether your project can be considered IPD/BIM. The follow through by the rest of the team in making sure the next person in line gets the "intelligent information" is also a very critical aspect of IPD/BIM.

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