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Thread: Map, Mapguide and SDF Files

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    Unhappy Map, Mapguide and SDF Files

    I am authoring into Mapguide a dwg file and a sdf file (the dwg is the building floor plan and the sdf is the polyline plan of the same). I'm using the export to Mapguide in Map 2005 to create the sdf file. I find that when the 2 files are in Mapguide, the polyline file (sdf file) is 1000 times to large. I have checked all units etc and all say meters. I am just using the 'Arbitary X-Y Coordinate System' 'Meters' in Mapguide with the sdf export option in Map greyed out.
    Why is this happening?? Any ideas?


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    Default Re: Map, Mapguide and SDF Files

    I would suggest you assign a real coordinate system to you work
    before exporting for use with Mapguide.

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