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Thread: Dowloading files take very long time

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    Default Dowloading files take very long time

    Our Buzzsaw is moving very slow. We are trying to download drawing files from a buzzsaw site and it is taking a very long time. Anyway to help speed up the process.
    Also when opening the files it is not finding the xref files in the drawing.....

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    Default Re: Dowloading files take very long time

    Hi there,

    Just discovered the forums - I typically just monitor the forums at To your first question - what exactly is slow...the actual transfer speed? How much are you trying to download and how long is it taking? You could also try opening your site via WebDav and just try copying over the files that way - go to My Network Places and add your site as

    To your second question - where are the xrefs stored that it can't find? Are they pathed using relative paths or absolute paths? Do you have TrueView installed (to view the DWG's on Buzzsaw)?

    I'll try to monitor this more often...


    (p.s. love the Snoopy icon - I'm a HUGE Peanuts fan)

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