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Thread: Unenclosed rooms madness

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    Quote Originally Posted by patricks View Post
    Well I would try to post a portion of the file, but as soon as I copy/paste a few walls to a blank file, it behaves correctly.
    You can try the copy and paste trick inot the original file to try and fix the issue. Just cut the walls out of the project and thne paste them back to the original position. I have seen stuff like this where the cuttting and pasting action kind of "re-registeres" the objects inot the database so to speak and the problem resolves.

    MIght be worth a try.

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    Default Re: Unenclosed rooms madness

    I had a similar problem. It turns out that I had edited the wall profile in elevation view. Part of the wall was not at 0'-0", which happend to be the computation height. And because the modification was below the cut plane it never occured to me where the "leak" was in the room enclosure.

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