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Thread: XREF Palette to Operate the Same For All References

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    Default XREF Palette to Operate the Same For All References

    Summary: Any reference attached to a drawing, be it DWG, DWG, DGN, image, should be attached the same as other references.

    Description: External reference palette should always operate the same way for all references

    How Used: When a user attached a DWG Xref, image, DWF or DGN he would just select attach reference and not have to select different items from the menu also, the Datalink command would be accessed in the same way.

    So all types of references would be attached to the drawing in the same way.

    This would reduce confusion (especially the way the Datalink command works and is displayed in the reference palette)

    Feature Affinity: XREF

    Submitted By: Kevin Bell on July 23, 2008

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    Default Re: XREF Palette to Operate the Same For All References

    They have different options because they are different file types and require such. What is confusing about it?
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