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Thread: Sluggish response when using cut/paste

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    Default Sluggish response when using cut/paste

    We upgraded to LDT 2008 this past year, and on some file we experience a sluggish response while cutting and pasting between two separate drawing files.

    Not sure if anyone else out there has heard of this issue or if for some reason it is unique to us but... I figure I'll post the problem if for nothing else your amusement)

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Sluggish response when using cut/paste

    I haven't experienced this, but usually, sluggishness is due to not having enough resources available. It could be your setup isn't enough to support the 08 version because the 08 version is taking more resources than the previous version, therefore, there's now less memory/ram for other stuff like cut/paste.

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