Our office uses sheet keynotes. ACA doesn't really support sheet based keynoting and adapting the project based keynoting to our sheets would be a significant pain, IMO. Additionally, adding keynotes is a somewhat irritating process even if the project keynote database is adopted, because the need to navigate each time to the appropriate keynote and the fact that the tree collapses each time. Finally, in our office, we use an arced leader for our keynotes which IMO looks better than either the straight or splined leaders that the keynotes can use. All of this caused me to look for a new and better way to create sheet keynotes. One requirement I had was for the number to be linked so that if the number was updated all of the keys referencing that note would also update. Along those lines, if the keynotes were re-ordered, the numbers would update as well. Another requirement was that the addition of a key be easy and that the linking of the key to the notes be fast with a minimum of clicks to accomplish. After exploring many options I feel like I have come up with a fairly easy, user-friendly method that accomplished those goals.

Attached you will find a file. Zoom extents to see whats in there. At the top you will find the "keynote blocks". Ignore the white one. It is just there as the reference for the displayed key in order to display the "#" sign for our sheets. The red one is what should be focused on. It consists of two attributes. A number, and text. The block can be copied and pasted repeatedly in order to create as many notes as necessary. After copying the block, then edit it's attributes to create the new number and text. Do not re-insert the block as it currently references the attributes as fields in property sets and those references are broken if a new insertion is used. Just copy and paste and it all works great. Below the "keynote blocks" you will find a schedule. That schedule references the keynote blocks and schedules them oh so conveniently. New keynote blocks that are pasted are automatically added to the schedule.

The other attachment you will find is a custom LISP routine that creates the keys. The command is "key". It will ask for three points. They represent the start of the arrow, a second point on the arc, and the final point of the arc or center of note circle. After those three points are selected it will ask for you to select the object to be referenced. Select the keynote block which contains the note you would like referenced. The number of that note will be displayed in the key.

If you wish to change the numbers or note text, simply edit the attributes of the keynote blocks. After the editing is complete, execute the "ScheduleUpdateNow" command (I added a shortcut "SUN" to my PGP) and select all of the keys and the keynote schedule.

Enjoy! Please post comments.