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Thread: Line Style naming convention

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    Default Line Style naming convention


    We are using RST and I after some input on how other Struct Firms name the Line Styles.

    What we have at the moment is 18,18C, 18H, 25, 25C, 25H .... 50H (18-pen thickness,C-centre, H-Hidden) and also Line Styles dedicated for a certain object such as Reo, Ligs etc. It is very similar to how we named our Layers in Autocad but it sort of make sense.

    Also, some of the OOTB Detail Component use Light, Medium Wide Lines - when you create new Detail Components do you try to stick to these Line Styles for consistence?


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    Default Re: Line Style naming convention

    Yep we try to Stick with the 3 Default Line styles. We have added in others - for Building Paper, Damp Proof Course etc. But the General Stuff is just Thick(5), Medium (3) & Thin (1). We have Stuck with these Typical Line types & Pen Numbers, so that when we need to put a mask or filled region on the Drawings, we only have a small selection of lines to go thru.
    We tested out using all the old thicknesses - .18, .25, .35, .5, .7, 1, 1.5, but it ended up a mess with the drawings - everybody then detailed up differently. with the std 3 linetypes - almost everybody Details up the same.

    The old KISS Method works great! to many line weights means an extra thing to check & Manage

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