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    Default Profile Design Criteria

    I am working on a design profile. I cannot get the profile to read any design criteria. When I go to the profile layout parameters it says the design speed is 0. I guess Im missing how to assign the aashto standards. Can someone walk me through this? I can get it work on aligments.

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    Default Re: Profile Design Criteria

    In order to use a design speed on a profile you must have the design speed and design criteria set up for the alignment. Refer to the following steps and the attached screen-shot to set that up:

    1. Go to the alignment properties and select the 'Design Criteria' tab. You must be in the source drawing for the alignment. If you dont have a design speed created yet select the add design speed button.

    2. Change the design speed to the desired design speed.

    3. Check the 'Use criteria-based design' button.

    4. Browse to select the design criteria. C3D by default has both 2001 and 2004 AASHTO standards.

    5. Select the desired standard.

    The design criteria setup for the profile is nearly identical. The design criteria will not work for the profile until you have it set up for the alignment.
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