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Thread: Double Door/ Single swing

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    Default Double Door/ Single swing

    Looking for help finding a double door with an independant swing for each door. I've been told I can create one using the door/window assembly but when i tried it would not work right. I am not very adverse with eth door/window assembly tool.

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    Default Re: Double Door/ Single swing

    Post what you have and we could finish it off.
    Let us know what version you are using.
    Note what elements you need to be what.
    BTW DWA is the only way for 2 independant doors.
    You could do it with blocks replacing a regular double door panels but it would be intensive and messy.
    Might as well learn how to do it using DWA's.

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    Default Re: Double Door/ Single swing

    Here is a basic version of what you want, with two equal "Hinged - Single" doors in a Door/Window Assembly that have independent swings. You should be able to reverse engineer the style to see how it was put together and apply the principles to your specific needs.

    Things to keep in mind:
    1 - Your infill door style will need to have the frame width set to zero, if you do not want to see the door frame nested inside the Door/Window Assembly frame. I also set the stop width and depth to zero, but you could just turn off this component. If you want to see a stop, you will need to incorporate that into the Door/Window Assembly frame, unless you really want to see stops at the middle of the Door/Window Assembly.

    2 - Your Door/Window Assembly Style will need a zero-width mullion, to not have a mullion show up between the two doors. I made mine zero-depth, as well, but that may not be strictly necessary.

    3 - If you want your doors to swing from the outer frames without having to flip them after placement, you will need two infills. Check the Flip X toggle for the one you assign to the Right cell and keep the Flip X toggle cleared for the one you assign to the Left cell.

    4 - An infill will be sized to fill its cell, so when placing an instance of this Door/Window Assembly, the width needs to be double the desired nominal single-leaf width plus twice the frame width. Likewise, the height needs to be the desired nominal leaf height plus the frame width.

    5 - This style has no sidelights, so I eliminated the bottom frame by simply not assigning a frame to the bottom. I also set a style-level override on this style and turned of the display of Sill A and Sill B components in the Sill Plan Display Representation. If you do not want sills for any Door/Window Assembly to show, you could do this at the Drawing Default level. If you have sidelights, you may want to take a look at this blog article for details on how to get sill/frame lines at the sidelights but not at the door opening.

    6 - If you use the Scheduling feature to create a Door Schedule, you will find that Door/Window Assemblies schedule differently than Doors do. You will also likely not want to include the individual infill Doors in the Schedule Table. A layer or classification filter can keep the infill doors out of the schedule; depending upon what you show in your Door Schedule and from where the information shown comes, you may or may not need to jump through some hoops to get the information you want shown for this Door/Window Assembly to show the same way a "regular" Door-object pair of doors would schedule. (One "easy" way around it would be to exclude both the Door/Window Assembly and its nested Door infills from the schedule, then create a non-plotting door style that would be the object scheduled and place an instance of that "on top of" the Door/Window Assembly. You would have to maintain two objects for that one opening, but you would get an easy to schedule Door along with visible graphics with independent door swings.)
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