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Thread: GUI issue with Maya 8.5

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    Default GUI issue with Maya 8.5

    I don't know if anyone out there has ever come across this but I'm hoping someone can help me solve this problem. I have Maya 8.5 on my desktop PC and it works great. No graphical issues of any kind. I recently purchased a new Dell laptop and when I installed my Maya 8.5 software everything comes up on the screen but there is a blank spot on the grid. It's looks like half the grid is missing on the right side, as if it's been cut off. When I create an object and move the object to the right side of the screen the object moves behind the blank area and can no longer be seen, but my mouse pointer stays visible on top of the blank area. I can't figure this out. I've tried re-installing the software. I made every possible change to the screen resolution but I still can't get this blank side to go away. The window around the grid area is exactly the way it should be. I can see all my icons and access everything as normal. I can bring up my Channel Box and Attribute Editor and when they appear the push the blank area over and make it smaller so that I can see more of the grid. I'm just wondering if there's something wrong with my Maya settings where I have to let it know I'm using a laptop screen and not a desktop screen? Any ideas?

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    Default Re: GUI issue with Maya 8.5

    This is quite a common issue with maya and I think its intel chipsets that cause this issue, what you wanna do is go into intel graphics settings, and change the colour quality to 16bit instead of 32 bit. That should solve the problem.

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