To show fire rated walls on egress plans we use filters and assign each rated wall type a new cut pattern based on some very nice hatch patterns some one here on AUGI was kind enough to share. So far it has worked great. But today one of the office Revit users had an issue when trying apply a rating filter to existing walls. His view is set up to show new walls by catergory and existing walls are over ridden with a phase filter to appear solid grey. When he applies the rated wall filter to the view, the new walls as display correctly with the new rated fill pattern. The filter pattern is set up so that it aligns with elemets, and it does just that in the new walls. But on the existing walls in that view the fill pattern does not align with elements. Only the horizontal walls display correctly while the vertical and angled walls appear solid. By trial and error I modofied the phase filter so that existing elements display by categoty and the fire rated filter then displays correctly. Has anyone else experienced this problem