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Thread: Cross Sections in Plan Production

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    Default Cross Sections in Plan Production

    Summary: The ability to generate cross section sheets using Plan Production.

    Description: Improvement (more automation) in cross section plans production whereby similar automation as applied to plan and profile layout generation is also shared by cross sections.

    How Used: Currently several methods can be used to create the layouts for cross section views into Sheet Set Manager (see: but are difficult and very tricky to set up. These methods do not share the same level of automation as plan views or profile views (in the View Frame Wizard and Create Sheets Wizard). I would like the Wizards to also handle cross section plans production as well.

    Feature Affinity: Plan Production

    Submitted By: Bruce Dana on October 17, 2008

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    Yes! I REALLY need to be able to efficiently plot ALL cross-sections on the project to one PDF file; one cross-section per page (or perhaps multiple per page as an option). This should include the ability to specify page size, ie. 8.5x11, 17x11, 8.5x14, 34x22 and various scales as required to include the limits of the cross-sections. The output device should include several options, ie. .pdf, .plt, .dwg, straight to printer, etc.
    Many projects can include up to 700 cross-sections, ie. a 14 kilometre highway project with a section every 20 metres so we need an efficient automated method! I would also use this tool for other collegues to review designs.
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