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Thread: Analytical line in embedded family does not move relative to the host family once placed

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    Question Analytical line in embedded family does not move relative to the host family once placed

    I am having a problem with an embedded structural framing element. I've embedded my header family into a window opening family. Everything works great until I go to tag the header. The leaders for the tags for all embedded window headers have the same origin. I turn on the analytical model and there is the 5ft long analytical line that remains in the same place for all the windows regardless of where the windows are placed. The analytical line for the header is just stacked on top of itself in the same spot regardless of window opening location. The problem is this only happens with the embedded headers in the window. If I place a header manually, the analytical line sits centered in the header, as it should and it tags just fine. When I place a window with the embedded header, the analytical line goes off into that same spot.

    Anyone know what might be causing this? I cannot turn on the analytical lines in the window header family and I am thinking it might be easier to just create the header as a generic model for now, but I would rather not invest the time if later we decide to use more of the analytical portions of Revit Structure.

    The window opening family is attached if anyone is interested.
    Coarse turns on the trimmers and kingstuds, Medium adds the header and Fine turns off the trimmers and kingstuds.
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