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Thread: Keynote Filtering

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    Default Keynote Filtering

    Is there a way to filter keynotes by the actual keynote value when your project is set to "By Sheet"? We have a master keynote list where all of our keynotes for demolition have a key value that starts with "DR", but we do keynotes by sheet so they just come in as 1,2,3, etc.

    Separating demo and remodel keynotes is not usually a big deal since they are on seperate sheets with the filter by sheet parameter, but now we have a small project where demo and remodel are on the same sheet. I tried the filter, but it seems to filter based on the actual 1,2,3 value that is displayed, not on the key value in the text file.

    Alternately, is there a way to add a parameter to manually tell it if it's existing? I'm pretty sure there isn't, but worth asking...

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    Default Re: Keynote Filtering

    Hey Steve,

    Sorry for the very late reply! But I was just banging my head about this very issue. I have not used keynotes before and in this office they like to use them. However the filtering capabilities are extremely limited and as you pointed out, Revit changes the numbering if you use the "By Sheet" option and that screws up the filtering, which is bad IMO. At least the original keynote value should be retained for filtering reasons. We have absolutely no control over anything else. Having Revit automatically assume I want numbers for Keynotes is bad too (why note letters?), as is the assumption that I want my numbers to be in the sequence of keynote placement.

    My issue was that the person I was trying to help wanted to filter keynotes by view, which is not really how they are intended to be used. One can jump through a lot of hoops and create view-specific keynotes etc. and filter for that unique value, but then you won't be able to go have a beer after 5 right?? I don't know, but so far for most keynoting work (such as for demolition type work), I prefer to use Noteblocks as they give me a lot more flexibility by adding any parameter I need for filtering etc. in the generic annotation family itself.

    BTW, I used your keynote manager for a bit and I really like the editing features. We might use it if this office continues on using Keynotes!

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