I am stuck with a problem. I was asked to do some R&D and find some solution through which we can have intelligence inside an AutoCAD drawing (from within AutoCAD). No third party tool, no FM Desktop.

Right now, they have done it using DBConnect, and linking with all the fields, but, according to AutoCAD, we must bind only with the primary key in a table from which the link is bound (makes sense).

They do not want to go into query details, nor they want to do some manual work by finding a row in the table, and clicking it to highlight the object (already achieved).

They want to somehow have a functionality to search object by its tag number (another key in table, it is unique). And highlight those objects on which this tag number is assigned. And then they can view other properties of that object at the same window (without going into TableView from DBConnect).

I hope you understand what I am trying to explain.

I am a software developer working mainly with C#. And this is totally new to me. I have also tried tweaking around with LSP, but of no use.

If you can guide me to some AddOn, LSP command, or anything else. I will feel obliged!

Desperate and Distressed!


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