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Thread: Structure shape from Hydraflow

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    Default Structure shape from Hydraflow

    We imported a hydraflow LandXML file into Civil3D and everything works great except the shape of the storm boxes were set to "cir" instead of "rect" in Hydraflow. The structure properties shape for the boxes (in Civil3D) lists out as a cylinder. We changed all of the boxes in Hydraflow back to "rect" (rectangle) and then re-imported the LandXML file again only to find that the shapes didn't update from the new XML file. Is there a way to tell Civil3D to reset these shapes to whatever Hydraflow sets them to? We imported the LandXML file into a clean Civil3D drawing and the boxes come in as rectangles. Apparently, once the shape is set and imported, you can't change them.... is this true?

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    Default Re: Structure shape from Hydraflow

    Civil 3d will import a LandXML and match the LandXML structure to the closest part in the part list. The LandXML import settings will play a role in determining how and what either gets imported, updated or ignored.

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