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Thread: Dimensional CALS

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    Default Dimensional CALS

    Can anyone educate me on what a:

    Dimensional CALS Type 1 (CCITT G4 2D Compression).pc3


    All I know about this printer is that it prints ACAD files in a compressed .tff file that the government uses. We are required to supply the Government these CAL files. But it is hit or miss with Dim CAL printer, most of the time the print jobs fale with a T.6 Error.

    We have to use a Microstation to open the files and print thru IPLOT Organizer to get our CALS out.

    Does anyone else use Dimensional CALS Printer and have the same issue with the file failing to print with a T.6 Error?

    Is there a newer version of Dim CALS printer out there. I am searching the web for something but coming up dry.

    Thanks for you time and help

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    Default Re: Dimensional CALS

    This is probably no help but I know that CALS is a compressed image file that is used by some large scanners for output and, I think, by fax machines.

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