I am using two different VB.NET applications to work with AutoCAD. The first application, CADWorx Launch, is used to launch a drawing with a profile. I have tried two different methods to do so as illustrated below.

1. - Call Shell( "C:\R2K8\acad.exe /P \\Acad3d\cadworx\Projects\1368320\Profiles\1368320_PIPE.arg", AppWinStyle.NormalFocus)

The second method uses Process.Start to launch a .bat file with the same command string that is used in the Shell command:
"C:\R2K8\acad.exe /P \\Acad3d\cadworx\Projects\1368320\Profiles\1368320_PIPE.arg"

2. - Process.Start("C:\CADWorx_Lineinfo.bat")

Both these commands launch a .arg file and either method used is the final command before the .net application terminates and releases control to AutoCAD.

Once a drawing is loaded I type in netload and then a command, "LineSelect", that executes code from a different VB.NET application that allows the designer to select a line and display the data associated with that line on a form in the LineSelect application. The problem I am having is that if the drawing is opened via the CADWorx Launch application, regardless of whether I use the Shell method or the Process.Start method, after typing Netload the "LineSelect" command is not recognized.

However, if I open the drawing via C:\CADWorx_Lineinfo.bat from Windows Explore or double click on the .arg file directly, then type Netload and execute the "LineSelect" command, it is recognized and works as expected.

I have yet to figure it out what is interfering with the netload command when AutoCAD is opened via the CADWorx Launch application as opposed to opening it via the .bat file or the .arg file from Windows Explore directly. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!