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Thread: YES or NO to all doesn't work???

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    Angry YES or NO to all doesn't work???

    I've been using Producstream for about 2 years now, and cannot figure it out. Can someone PLEASE explain to me what the purpose of the "Yes to All" or "No to All" buttons on the check out messages received during an open operation??? Do they just not work? What is the point of them, if I have to hit "Yes/No to All" 20 times anyways for the EXACT same message on 20 different IPT's? What on earth would I be saying Yes or No to All about if not that?

    I've been having a bad day, and this has just upgraded from annoying to PAIN IN MY A$$. And if these are broken, then why on earth have they not been fixed since version 4???? Possibly earlier versions, not sure....

    Anyways, just wanting to vent a little and see if anyone has a decent explanation to this retarded button. Thanks.

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    Default Re: YES or NO to all doesn't work???

    Just so all of those reading this (although these AUGI forums don't seem to be very active for replies), this is the response I received from Autodesk on their forums:

    By default, answering 'Yes to All' or 'No to All'
    works only on the particular vault operation (which triggers the prompt). 'ALL'
    in this context is referring to any children/xref files that might be affected
    by the vault operation.

    Nonetheless, we
    do allow user to customise the default response and frequency of these vault
    prompt dialogs. It could be done with these two options:

    1. Upon seeing the prompt dialog, you could click
    on '>>' to reveal more options.

    2. Locate the prompt dialog via ACAD/Inventor
    Files > Vault > Options > Prompts.

    And, these are the customisable settings:

    Default Response: Yes, No, Yes to All, No To ALL.

    Prompt Frequency: Always Prompt, Never Prompt, Don’t prompt again this
    session (per vault login session).

    You may set default response to 'Yes to All' and 'Never Prompt' for
    check-out prompt dialog; With that, you will not be 'bothered' and prompted
    again during your next check-out command.

    Hope this will help to make your vault experience a pleasant

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