Hi everybody,
I know there are a number of threads discussing this topic (I"ve been reading a lot of them) but none of them focus in what I am really interested on.
I am ready ready to buy a monitor for home. It won't be used for games or watching movies ($200 to $300 max., no exceptions). They are a number of 22" in that range and a couple of 24" from non very "popular" brands.
If I work with AutoCAD & Revit only, what REALLY, REALLY MATTERS?
Not planning to use dual monitors (I have that layout at work).
I know 1920x1200 is better than 1680x1050 (I have a Dell 2408wfp at the office)
Does 6-bit or 8-bit colour depth will be noticeable in CAD?
Panel Type/Viewing Angle? (TN, IPS, VA and so) I will be the only one in front of the screen
Response Time if I am not doing much rendering?
Brightness, Contrast Ratio, Refresh?
I will be using the DVI port of my video card.
I will really apreciate your input guys